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ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act

Provides managers, as well as other employees, with a refresher on the Americans with Disabilities Act that has, since 1992, has made it easier for employees with disabilities to find employment.

This program is an excellent way to allay fears and misconceptions about the ADA while sensitizing employees to the benefits of a diverse workforce that includes persons with different abilities.

The ADA Revisited is intended to inform managers and other employees about the opportunities and legal responsibilities organizations and individuals face under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Combines analysis of the ADA by a team of legal experts as well as interviews with employees with disabilities and their managers to provide a balanced view of the impact of the ADA in today’s workplaces.

We’ll examine the law’s requirements regarding:

  • Interviewing and hiring practices
  • What constitutes equal access to employment benefits and training
  • How to determine the “essential functions” of a job
  • What “reasonable accommodations” are and when they are needed.

The ADA Revisited comes with a comprehensive facilitation package that includes a training guide with course outlines for shorter or more complete training, reproducible handouts, and a Questions & Answers publication from the US Department of Justice and the EEOC.

HR and Workplace Issues
ADA - Americans With Disabilities Act
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Jan 1, 2006
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