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A Survival Guide for Managers

The best way to defuse a lawsuit is not to get involved in one. And in a world where one in every five managers will become involved in litigation, you have to make sure you're not one of them. The Avoiding Litigation Landmines program dramatizes the ways by which managers can avoid litigation landmines that can detonate a host of nasty consequences for an organization.

Key Learning Points

  • The Nine Most Common Litigation Landmines
  • Importance Of Proper Documentation
  • How To Avoid Litigation

Avoiding Litigation Landmines demonstrates through reenactments the ways in which managers can avoid the nine litigation landmines.
The Nine Litigation Landmines are:

  1. Failure to Document
  2. Failure to Train
  3. Failure to Keep Evidence
  4. Inflating Evaluations
  5. Failure to Consult Human Resources
  6. Inappropriate Electronic Messages
  7. Inconsistent Treatment
  8. Inappropriate Handling of Employee Departures
  9. Uncontrolled Employment References

Avoiding Litigation Landmines Purchase Includes:

  • Avoiding Litigation Landmines DVD (30 Minutes)
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Participant’s Guide
Employees: From Hiring to Discipline
HR and Workplace Issues
Legal Issues
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